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Surface coating system

Effective corrosion protection and decorative colour design

We give you advice on which coating system is suitable for your needs.


Zinc coating 275 g/m² on two sides (approx. 20µ), preparation layer and coating varnish (two-layer structure, approx. 25µ in total). Protection for transport and processing, lamination sheet 50µ – 80µ.


Zinc coating 275 g/m² on two sides (approx. 20µ), Protective varnish for the back (one-layer structure 10 – 12µ)

Corrosion prevention

Basis material of the products supplied by fischerstahl are steels of the following qualities: S 250 GD, S 220 GD or DX51D according to DIN EN 10142/10143/ DIN EN 10147.

Corrosion protection according to classes (DIN 55928, Part 8) through the following coatings:

  • Hot galvanized Z 275 without additional coating (K I)
    Suitable to be used inside, in dry, closed rooms and subordinate operational areas, with negligible corrosion resistance.
    Favourable deformation and corrosion stability, high resistance to aging.
  • Al-Zn coated sheet steel AZ 185 without additional coating (K III)
    Suitable to be used inside and outside, also at inaccessible places, with high corrosion resistance.
    Especially in acid atmosphere excellent corrosion resistance, very good thermal stability.
  • Hot galvanized Z 275 with additional coil coating 15µ (K II)
    Suitable to be used inside at accessible places, with moderate corrosion resistance.
    The 15µ coil coating prevents a gradual weathering of the zinc coating.
  • Hot galvanized Z 275 with additional coil coating 25µ (K III)
    Suitable to be used inside and outside, also at inaccessible places. Good ductility. Other properties like thermal stability and weathering resistance for example, depend on the coating system and colour you choose.
  • Zinc-magnesium ZM 130 with additional coil coating 25µ (K III)
    Suitable to be used inside and outside, also at inaccessible places, for a longer-lasting protective effect at open cut surfaces. Good formability and excellent corrosion resistance, especially for saline mediums.


At fischerstahl, you can choose between an exceptional number of colours. More than 90 shades are available, thus allowing a quick and low-cost colour design for your individual needs

Surface protection

All fischerstahl products can be supplied with lamination sheet, either 50µ or 80µ. The lamination sheet protects the product against mechanical damages caused by machining, transport or assembly. Store materials with lamination sheet in a dry environment that is free from dirt and do not expose them to direct solar radiation. Remove the lamination sheet directly after assembly!


If you store the product in a stack or as a coil, always see to it that there is enough ventilation and avoid heavy fluctuation of temperature. Packages should be stored in a sloping position so that running water can flow off. This does especially apply to products without additional coating since here wet storage stain (hot galvanized) or the so-called "Brunnenschwärze" (literal: blackness of a well) (Al-Zn coated sheet steel) may arise quickly.


Always transport the material in a dry condition. A truck with tarpaulin protects against wetness and ensures a sufficient ventilation. If moisture has penetrated, immediately see to it that there is sufficient aeration and process the material as soon as possible.


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Increasing steel prices · due to the markedly higher costs for raw materials, the steel producers will increase their prices for rolled products considerably as of the 2nd quarter of 2010.

There might even be a shortage of steel products. Due to appropriate storekeeping, we will maintain full ability to supply.