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PLADUR® StandingSeam

Your standing seam application for fully supported roofing and cladding.

The roofing brand joining the seams based on your ideas.



Roofgaube Standingseam


For more than 20 years fischerstahl has been well-renowned for surface-refined steel, available in more than 120 colours. With PLADUR® StandingSeam fischerstahl now presents the perfect solution when it comes to high-quality standing seam applications for fully supported roofing and cladding.

The basic material alone already stands for unparalleled durability. The galvanized sheet ZM EcoProtect® is coated with an increased zinc-magnesium layer of 160 g/m2 which means that, for example, a more efficient corrosion protection compared with standard products having galvanized layers, is achieved. Thanks to the low coefficient of expansion which is even below that of aluminium and titanium-zinc, there is rather limited expansion of the material on the roof. On the exposed side the core material is equipped with high quality coating and on the rear side it is equipped with a surface offering maximum protection against hot water corrosion. By means of this material combination we produce a flat product standing every quality comparison regarding processing features, flexibility, functionality and aesthetics.


From the start, fischerstahl focussed on the demands of the construction sector and building industries.

Formability of the material

Highly aesthetical. Highly flexible. Highly functional.

Roof Standingseam

Mechanical treatment properties of the material are excellent, e.g. in standard profiling units (coulter profiler/roll former) for the production of coulters.


The high quality organic coating of PLADUR® StandingSeam with its structured, matt gray or anthracite surface represents sublime elegance providing roofs and facades with timeless liveliness. The special shape of the fold structure is adding an attractive optical value.


Thanks to the excellent forming features of PLADUR® StandingSeam almost everything is possible regarding design to create an even more unique and fascinating overall architecture. This applies to both highly modern new buildings and to classical and traditional old buildings. Aside from all the advantages of unique design the following long-life values of a roof made of PLADUR® StandingSeam more than pay off: high resistance against mechanical loads as for example scratches, low degree of pollution and perfect cleanability.


Falzgrau® (gray)
Falzanthrazit® (anthracite)


For a realistic impression of the colours we will be pleased to provide you with original colour samples.

Colours: Gray and anthracite

Gloss level: 3 units (60°-measuring angle)

Optical appearance for fascinating architecture

On top in wind and weather.

Durability and resistance are of course the most valuable material features in the building sector.

PLADUR® StandingSeam is perfectly adapted to being exposed to hot sun, strong rain, storm and snow fall.

The flat steel product is resistant to UV radiation according to category RUV 4, corrosion resistance according to class RC 3 and an enormous temperature resistance from –20 °C up to +80 °C.

You want to learn more about the aesthetical appearance and the highest flexibility of PLADUR® StandingSeam? Please contact us. We will be glad to assist you..

StandingSeam Schutzlack
StandingSeam Schutzlack
StandingSeam Schutzlack
StandingSeam Schutzlack


Two-layer system on the rear side with anti-corrosion varnish for maximum protection against hot water corrosion.

15 µm


High corrosion resistance and durability.

Roof Standingseam

Combining specific basic material with high quality layers on the exposed and rear side a flat product with outstanding corrosion resistance and durability regarding aesthetics and functionality is created.



Material composition

Basis material

> ZM EcoProtect®

> zinc-magnesium coated quality steel

(acc. to Stahleisen Materials Guideline SEW022/pr EN 10346)

An even more effective corrosion protection than provided by standard coatings, especially on cut edges.

Material thickness

Thickness from 0.6 mm to 1.00 mm

Physical properties

Coefficient of expansion mm / (m*K): 0.012

((vs. titanium-zinc 0.022 / aluminium 0.024)

Benefits from limited material expansion.

Coating on the exposed side

Coating with very matt, textured finish

> additional protection against environmental impacts

High quality, scratch resistant coating structure.

Coating on the rear side

Multi-layer structure with anti-corrosion primer

Maximum protection against hot water corrosion.


Technical Properties

Roof Standingseam

High resistance against mechanical impacts as for example scratches, low degree of pollution and perfect cleanability.


Technical properties

Resistance to weathering

Category RUV 4 – according to DIN EN 10169

High UV resistance.

Corrosion resistance

Class C3-H / C4-L – according to DIN 55634

High corrosivity category.

Fire protection

The product meets the highest fire protection standards.

>Non-combustible class A2 according to DIN 4102-1 and EN 13501-1

>Resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat according to DIN 4102-4 / A1 und EN 13501-1

Non-combustibility and hard roofing according to MBO and LBOs.


DIN EN 13523-7

Excellent material formability down to minus 5°C.

Pollution / Cleanability

Low pollution and good cleanability.

Processing properties

The material can be easily processed with conventional machines (coulter profiler, roll former and seaming machine) and be perfectly processed manually.


Gray and anthracite

For a realistic impression of the colours we will be pleased to provide you with original colour samples.

Rules, guidelines and standards

The material used is in compliance with the regulations for crafted roof seams stipulated in the relevant rules, guidelines and standards with regard to statistical consideration and processing.

PLADUR® StandingSeam is a product of

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG


Wolfgang Fischer Stahl GmbH


November 2017 · IFBS Practical Seminar

August 2017 · Summer party at fischerstahl

July 2017 · Further participation in the 2017 AOK corporate run!

June 2016 · actualization of delivery program

May 2016 · fischerstahl successfully re-certified

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Increasing steel prices · due to the markedly higher costs for raw materials, the steel producers will increase their prices for rolled products considerably as of the 2nd quarter of 2010.

There might even be a shortage of steel products. Due to appropriate storekeeping, we will maintain full ability to supply.