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a strong team together with our cooperation partners

Esch Feinblechservice GmbH

Siegstraße 1 · D – 57250 Netphen Dreis-Tiefenbach

E-Mail: info@eschfeinblech.de
Website: www.eschfeinblech.de

Phone: +49 271 23 37 11 – 0
Fax: +49 271 23 37 11 – 10

You can’t go wrong with Esch Feinblech as a competent supplier for coils, split strips, blanks or classic formats.

Apart from having a well-stocked warehouse of standard sizes, we also produce plates directly from a coil according to your specifications. For us it is a matter of course that we offer you comprehensive and expert advice and apply highest quality standards during production (certified according to ISO 9001:2000).

Gewa Stahlbau GmbH

Administration / Factoey: Ziegeleiweg 1 · D – 57339 Erndtebrück

Phone: +49 27 53 66 – 100
Fax: +49 27 53 66 – 120

E-Mail: info@gewa.de
Website: www.gewa.de

GEWA has been a well-established manufacturer of high quality pre-fabricated garages, carports and hall systems for many decades. The company developed to become one of the leading manufacturers in Europe by being reliable and offering quality and of course customer service. More than 100,000 deliveries of pre-fabricated garages, small halls and carports underline this statement.

Schienbein GmbH

Schöttmannshof 10a · D – 46539 Dinslaken

Phone: +49 20 64 45676-40
Fax: +49 20 64 45676-69

E-Mail: info@schienbein-gmbh.de
Website: www.schienbein-gmbh.de

Schienbein GmbH offers unique solutions in respect of refurbishing, modernising and building industrial roofs and – façades. The most decisive benefits realised during the planning and execution phase are the result of extensive consulting- and planning services, the use of contemporary materials in individual colours, energetically optimised refurbishing concepts and an experienced project management accomplished by a Schienbein team.

Dörnbach Energie GmbH

Siegstraße 1 · D-57250 Netphen Dreis-Tiefenbach

Phone: +49 271 77 00 28 – 36
Fax: +49 271 77 00 28 – 37

E-Mail: info@doernbach-energie.de
Website: www.doernbach-energie.de

We reduce your energy costs – sustainably!

Dörnbach Energie is an experienced expert where energy is concerned. Comprehensive consultations and services make us a competent partner for local authorities, medium-sized companies, industry and trade.

Dörnbach-Bauprofile GmbH

Siegstraße 1 · D – 57250 Netphen Dreis-Tiefenbach

Phone: +49 271 7 72 73 – 0
Fax: +49 271 7 72 73 – 99

E-Mail: mail@doernbach-bauprofile.de
Website: www.doernbach-bauprofile.de

Dörnbach-Bauprofile GmbH is an independent, medium-sized trade company and service provider, offering their customers an all-round supply programme of industrial structural engineering – fast, on time and cost effective.

H.G. Schneider GmbH

Administration: Siegstrasse 1 · D – 57250 Netphen
Factory: Ziegeleiweg 1 · D – 57339 Erndtebrück

Phone: +49 27 53 66 22 22
Fax: +49 27 53 66 22 26

E-Mail: info@hgschneider-gmbh.de
Website: www.hgschneider-gmbh.de

H.G. SCHNEIDER GmbH manufactures sandwiched-corner elements, of round and angled shapes. A special machine park was established especially for this manufacturing technology. The know-how and competence of the committed employees guarantee first-class solutions and fulfill the expectations of internationally renowned planners and developers.

FN Profilblech-Center GmbH

An der Zeil 21 · D – 74906 Bad-Rappenau-Obergimpern

Phone:+49 72 68 9 12 50
Fax: +49 72 68 9 12 52 50

E-Mail: info@fn-profilblech.de
Website: www.fn-profilblech.de

Our offer as a high performance company is always worth looking at:

Starting from coils right up to optimally processed primary products, ready to be further processed. Our knowledge and experience will always ensure that you obtain the best service for your money. With our state-of-the-art production plants we produce bent profiles up to 8,000 mm in length and a thickness of up to 4 mm.

Fischer Stahl

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