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We will advise you on coating systems and corrosion protection and will also answer all your questions concerning the material to be purchased.

Coating systems

  • 25µ coil-coated polyester (substrate galvanised)
  • 25µ PVDF (substrate galvanised)
  • 15µ DU-coated (substrate galvanised)
  • 150µ Hard-PVC food-safe (substrate galvanised)
  • Aluminium-zinc
  • Hot-dip galvanised
  • Zinc-magnesium

Overview of materials constantly in stock

Stock Material

Build-up of Coating

Top layer

Zinc-coated 275g/m² both sides (approx. 20µ), pre-treated layer and top varnish (two-layer build-up, overall approx. 25µ).
Protective foil 50µ–80µ, used during transport and processing.

Reverse side

Zinc-coated 275g/m² both sides (approx. 20µ), reverse side protective varnish (one-layer build-up 10 – 12µ)

Corrosion protection

The base material of the products supplied by Fischer Stahl consists of steel of the quality S 250 GD, S 220 GD, or DX51D according to DIN EN 10142/10143/10147.

Corrosion protection according to classes (DIN 55928, Part 8) with the following coatings:

  • Hot-dip galvanised Z 275 without additional coating (K I)
    Suitable for interior use in dry, closed rooms and sub-ordinate areas of application with insignificant corrosion stress.
    Positive deforming – and corrosion behaviour, highly resistant to aging processes.
  • Aluminium-zinc AZ 185 without additional coating (K III)
    Suitable for heavy corrosion stress in internal and external applications, also with regard to inaccessible places.
    Excellent corrosion behaviour especially in acid ambiences, highly heat resistant.
  • Hot-dip galvanised Z 275, additionally coil-coated 15µ (K II)
    Suitable for interior application at accessible places with medium corrosion stress.
    The 15µ coil-coating prevents the zinc coat from weathering.
  • Hot-dip galvanised Z 275, additionally coil-coated 25µ (K III)
    Suitable for interior and exterior application, also at inaccessible places. Positive deforming properties.
    Further properties, such as for example temperature stress and resistance to weather conditions, depend on the selection of the coating system and the colour.
  • Zinc-magnesium ZM 130 (with additional coil-coating 25µ (K III))
    Suitable for interior and exterior application, also at inaccessible places, for an extended protection at open cut surfaces. Positive deforming properties and excellent corrosion resistance, especially in case of saline media.

Colour hues

Fischer Stahl has an extraordinary selection of colours. We stock more than 140 colour hues so that we are able to create individual colour designs promptly and at low cost.

Surface protection

All Fischer Stahl products can be supplied with a protective foil, either self-adhesive or hot-laminated. The protective foil protects from mechanical damage during processing, transport or assembly. Always store materials with protective foil in a dry and clean ambience and keep away from direct sunlight. Remove protective foil immediately following the assembly.


Always keep the area where materials are stored in stacks or as coils well ventilated and avoid major temperature fluctuations. Store packages at an incline so that running water can drain off. This applies particularly to products without additional coating as white rust (hot-dip galvanised) or a dark tarnish (aluminium-zinc) may build up on the surface.


During transport always take care that the material is kept dry. A lorry with tarpaulin protects from damp conditions and ensures that the load is sufficiently ventilated. In case humidity has still penetrated, make sure that the material is immediately dried off by ventilation and processed as fast as possible.

Technical Data

Base material:

Steel permitting edging and bending


Avoids premature corrosion especially at the edges even if wiped with damp cloths

Coating Side A:

2-layer coating approx. 25µ, colour: white

Coating Side B:

approx. 8µ, colour: light ivory

Protective foil:

100µ self-adhesive, transparent

Areas of application

  • Office – and organisational means
  • School- and planning requirements
  • Magnetic- and training boards
  • Whiteboards, flipcharts, tradeshow articles


Our product portfolio comprises more than 140 colours and shades readily available. We are furthermore able to supply additional colour- and product variations, irrespective of the quantity, in nearly any format, to the requested location within a shortest possible time. In this process the professional advice of our Sales experts is of utmost importance. Starting with the planning phase, we support our customers and fall back on our experience of having already handled many applications in practice. We take pleasure in advising you at your place and support you in developing your individual ideas and requirements.

Stock material

Fischer Stahl

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