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We take pleasure – as a partner you can rely on – in answering all your questions about high quality coating systems. Starting with purchasing the material, via selecting the colour, right up to customising your material: we will present different variations to you and will be guided by your individual requirements.

Certified quality

As we are collaborating with leading steel traders we are in a position to guarantee highest standards during production. Our test laboratory for measuring colour hues as well as analysing chemical and mechanical steel properties will guarantee a certified quality of our material in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 (More information on certification).

Mechanical testing

Chemical analysis

Color measurement

Build-up of coats

Top layer

Zinc-coated 275g/m² both sides (approx. 20µ), pre-treated layer and top varnish (two-layer build-up, overall approx. 25µ).

Protective foil 50µ–80µ, used during transport and processing.

Reverse side

Zinc-coated 275g/m² both sides (approx. 20µ), reverse side protective varnish (one-layer build-up 10 – 12µ)

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Safely protected from environmental influences

Surface Protection

All Fischer Stahl products can be supplied with protective foil, either hot-laminated or self-adhesive. The foil protects the products from being mechanically damaged caused by processing, transport or assembly. The materials covered with protective foil should always be stored in dry surroundings free from dust and dirt. Do not subject to direct sunlight. Remove foil immediately after assembly.


Always keep the area where materials are stored in stacks or as coils well ventilated and avoid major temperature fluctuations. Store packages at an incline so that running water can drain off. This applies particularly to products without additional coating as white rust (hot-dip galvanised) or a dark tarnish (aluminium-zinc) may build up on the surface.


During transport always take care that the material is kept dry. A lorry with tarpaulin protects from damp conditions and ensures that the load is sufficiently ventilated. In case humidity has still penetrated, make sure that the material is immediately dried off by ventilation and processed as fast as possible.


sales contact and downloads

Sales and contact

You have further questions? We advise you at your place and also support you in realising extraordinary and individual requirements.

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Media library

Downloads, brochures, datasheets, videos, General Terms & Conditions. You will find all you need to know about the Fischer Stahl brand in our media library.

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Fischer Stahl

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Explore the Fischer Stahl product world and submit requests quickly and easily using our stock material-configurator.


You have further questions concerning our services and products? Contact our Stahl-Service-Center.